Saturday, February 16, 2008

A special day

Today was somewhat of a special day for me. I realized that Valentine's day marked the 6th month since I changed to a raw food lifestyle. I also discovered that I have lost an additional 2 pounds. This means that I have lost a total of 24-26 pounds. The reason for the range is because the doctor's scale said slightly higher, than what my scale said the day I first weighed in. However, it is very clear to me that I have definately lost weight, and in a healthy manner.

This Saturday was still my typical Saturday. I got up early, and made sure my son was ready to be picked up for karate. I went to Whole Foods (always fun for me) and got my groceries. Then I went to Walmart to get the remaining items needed such as soap, tissue, etc. Then to the library to pick up the dvds to watch over the weekend, and then to home to make some grub (both raw and sad).

I started the day out with a banana and water. Then I made some of my Rawbuck's Iced Mocha II - but only had a 6oz glass full. Later in the day I ate a raw vegan bar (only 75% raw), and then another banana. For lunch I had a small portion of some raw kale salad, and raw squash salad that I purchased at Whole Foods, to go along with my raw sesame sunflower seed bread and raw pecan butter spread. Very yummy! I also had my remainig piece of raw chocolate candy (my recipe), and a handful of grapes. For a late snack I made a berry smoothie, which I only drank about an 8oz glass worth. The rest I gave to my husband.

Here's where things kind of changed...just for today, so I consider this special too. I went to pick my son up from a birthday party. His friend was celebrating her 16th birthday. She is from India, and they are traditoinal vegetarians. When I got there everyone was having a wonderful time, so I stayed a little longer than planned. I have known this girl's family for several years. My son and her have taken karate together for about 5 years. Anyway, although they understand that I'm a rawfoodist, and that I am vegan, her mom didn't quite understand exactly what that meant. She figured it just meant vegetarian. Anyway, she wanted so much for me to try some of her authentic Indian Cuisine. I figured it would only be a small portion, and it doesn't mean I'm giving in. So, I had one bite of a cooked vegan cauliflower curry dish, and then one somosa with potato and spices (also cooked, but vegetarian), topped with a "raw" cilantro and mint condement. I also had a cup of hot, homemade, Indian spiced tea -- very yummy, and very soothing...lot's of ginger too! Anyway, it was delicious, and a special non-raw treat. But remember, I'm still raw, and this is not something that will happen all the time. But it was still very special to me!

When we got home, my husband, son, and myself decided to watch one of our dvds from the livrary, Saw IV. That's right, we love our horror movies. It was creepy and strange, and of course graphic and horrific as always...very disturbing - just the way we like it.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to eat any more tonight. If I do, I will add it into my next post on my daily raw. I'm going to close for now. We plan to watch another dvd. This time a comedy, "The Heartbreak Kid." Have a great night, and a great tomorrow!

Write to you later....

- Debbie :)

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