Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just catching up with my daily raw log...

So, I haven't blogged or logged anything since February 17th - wow! I can use the usual excuse that I've been busy, and yada, yada, yada...but the truth of the matter is I just haven't made time.

I have done some experimenting, but not a lot. I guess you could say I haven't been feeling a 100% lately, so that is partly why I haven't been in the mood to write. I am proud to say though, that my back is doing much better, and that I haven't had to take a lot of pain meds. In fact, I haven't taken one since Friday, and that was the first pill in a couple days too. So, that's great news to me!

I also weighed myself on Friday. I've lost another 2 pounds. I'm down to 158lbs. which is great for me. I still have a long way to go. I will take my measurements again later.

Yesterday I purchased some pre-made raw mango salsa - which tasted good, but may have upset my stomach - I'm not sure. Then again, it could have been the coconut meat and water which I used to make my pina coloda shake yesterday. I think one of the coconuts I broke open may not have been as fresh as it could have been, and therefore it may have been the reason why I got sick. Regardless, I feel fine today....

Tonight I made a mango cheesecake. A great recipe that I found on the site. I didn't get to use orange zest - so I used coconut flakes, and lemon zest. Also, I exchanged the Irish Moss for grounded Chia Seeds, because my moss wasn't becoming gelatinous like it was supposed to be when I added the water. The cake looks great, but not ready for pics yet, since it needs to set overnight. I'll tell you more about it then.

Well, that's it for me for tonight. To follow is my daily raw logs since February 17th.

Have a great week, and keep it raw!

- Debbie :)
Sunday, Feb. 17th:
24oz raw body shake
24oz chocolate nut milk smoothie
3 pieces sesame sunflower seed bread with raw pesto spread and tomato
5 dates
raw apple cobbler
2 almond, vanilla snackeroons
handful of grapes and nuts
lots and lots of water
1 carob smart monkey bar
1 raw vegan chocolate chip bar

Monday, Feb. 18th:
6oz berry smoothie
24oz super powered raw chocolate maca shake (very rich, and high energy)
24oz mango, parsley, and romaine lettuce smoothie
1 carob smart monkey bar
1 raw Belgium chocolate 75% raw vegan bar
bowl of mixed seaweed, soy beans, sesame seeds, bragg’s and nama shoyu
5 pieces of sesame sunflower seed bread
1 snackeroon, almond and vanilla
3 small scoops raw vanilla-vanilla coconut iced cream, with raw chocolate sauce
handful of grapes
lots and lots of water

Tuesday, Feb. 19th:
24oz raw body shake
6oz berry smoothie
1 carob smart monkey bar
4 snackeroons (almond, vanilla)
3 pieces sesame sunflower bread
18oz glass of raw chocolate nut milk (mmm good)
24oz mango, parsley, and romaine lettuce smoothie
banana with raw chocolate sauce
handful of grapes
lots and lots of water

Wednesday, Feb.. 20th:
6oz berry smoothie
1 cacao coconut smart monkey bar
1 chocolate chip raw vegan bar
2 24oz raw chocolate nut milk
1 24oz green juice
3 pieces sunflower sesame seed bread with avocado
handful of grapes
1 date
lots and lots of water

Thursday, Feb.. 21st:
1 6oz berry smoothie
1 16oz chocolate nut milk
1 24oz green juice with power greens
3 slices sesame sunflower seed bread
2 raw carob smart monkey bars
1 raw chocolate chip vegan bar
1 Belgium chocolate 75% raw vegan bar
handful of grapes, and nuts
6 slightly steamed shrimp with slight touch of cocktail sauce (not raw…I know)
1 glass symfre tea
lots and lots and lots of water

Friday, Feb.. 22nd:
1 coffee/chocolate larabar (not totally raw)
5 raw donut holes (Ani Phyo recipe)
24oz raw body shake
8oz berry smoothie
2 handfuls of grapes
some nuts
a raw burger (black sesame sunflower seed bread, sunburger, sundried tomato nut cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado…recipes from Ani Phyo’s book).
Lots and lots of water

Saturday, Feb. 23rd:
Carob Smart Monkey Bar
24oz raw body shake
2 donut holes (raw recipe)
Raw coconut chocolate vegan bar
24oz raw pina colada shake (coconut meat, and coconut water with mac nuts, orange, and pineapple)
3 almond, vanilla snackeroons
raw sandwich (2 slices black sesame sunflower seed bread, with mango salsa, baby spring lettuce, raw pecan butter)
lots of grapes and water

Sunday, Feb. 24th:
24oz berry breakfast smoothie with maca, lucuma, and tangerine juice
8oz berry smoothie
3 almond and vanilla snackeroons
1 carob Smart Monkey bar
handful of grapes
few almonds

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