Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday already...

Oh my gosh. I just realized I haven't blogged since Wednesday. The problem with that is, I don't quite remember what I ate on Thursday. So, I'll guess at it. I know I had a 6oz berry smoothie, and a 16oz or maybe even a 24oz raw protein shake. I'm sure I had either monkey bars, or raw vegan bars, at least one - if not two. For lunch, I believe I had the rest of the raw tuna, and some flax almond crackers with raw nutella spread, an apple, and lots of water. The thing of it is, I truly don't remember what I ate Thursday night. Oh, I remember now. I had a celery and banana smoothies for dinner. I love those...there very good. I also had the last 1/4 of the pistachio cacao Florentine mint ice cream cookie for desert.

Thursday night I exercised my back, legs, and rode the stationary bike. I also wrapped as many Christmas presents as I had wrapping paper for my son. That was fun!

Let's see, for Friday I wasn't really prepared. I did have the same morning smoothies and shakes - just not sure of the raw shake size. For lunch I had a banana, an apple, flax almond crackers with nutella spread, and 2 bars - one monkey and one raw vegan. I didn't eat the best this day, cause I forgot to prepare. But for dinner I made up for it. I made another batch of the raw mock tuna with avocado mayo, and placed it on iceberg lettuce. Yum, yum...I'm glad I ate some! And, as always lots and lots of water, and a couple of delicious dates! Oh yeah, I also ate a banana, and some more flax almond crackers with raw nutella spread.

Last night I spent more time wrapping presents, and watching t.v. with my husband. I ended up going to sleep early, because I was really, really tired. Plus my son has karate early on Saturday, and I have to make sure he's up and ready to catch his ride to class.

Today I finished putting together my sister's Christmas package to ship to her and her kids in Hawaii. I'm really excited that I was able to do that this year. I haven't been able to do something like that for her for a long time. I hope it all gets there in one piece, and that they love it, and enjoy it! Cause I definitely enjoyed finding all the items, and sending it off! I also went shopping for some of my other nieces and nephews on my husband's side. I'm almost done. It's just that they have a lot of kids...I mean a lot of kids! I hope I can also do some crafting tonight. I'm making some ornaments to give to friends and family. I also need to finish my Christmas letter to send with our Christmas much to do.

Today I had a 24oz raw protein shake, a vegan raw bar, and a banana so far. As well as plenty of water. I'll have to blog later on what else I eat for the day. Well, I need to close for now. I still want to get a little more shopping done before I settle in for day, and start crafting...I forgot to mention that I also need to make more of the delicious minty ice cream cookies we've been feasting on all week. My husband absolutely loved them, and wants me to make more. By the way, speaking of him. He is slowly but surely eating more and more raw. He is up to about 50-60% raw...more or less. He's starting to feel the difference, and really likes the feeling. The only thing bugging him is that he's losing to much weight (which he easily does), and wants to keep the bulk for muscles. He is a hard core workout fanatic. Actually he's calmed down a lot, but still lifts, and works on building his muscles. He will be 45 next week, and has a very nice body still!

Well, again, need to close for now. I could go on and on, but then I wouldn't have much to tell tonight! LOL. Have a great afternoon!

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