Sunday, December 9, 2007

Feeling nutty on Sunday

Well, before I get started with today's adventures, I need to finish up with last night's.

Forgive me if I repeat anything...yesterday afternoon my husband and I went to a sporting goods store to look at their weight equipment. We want to replace the equipment we have since it's about due (it's very old). Then we decided to take our son, and go to our Home Owner's Association Christmas Party in the park.

Even though the ground was wet from rain (yes rain in Arizona), and it was very cold, it was still a lot of fun. I ran into some neighbors I hadn't seen in forever, and began talking to them about a variety of things. One of the ladies mentioned that her husband was on a juice fast, and that he wanted a Vitamix for Christmas. One thing led to another, and I told her about my raw lifestyle change. Her husband came over to us with another couple, and the five of us began to talk about raw food, vegans, and more. It was a lot of fun. The only problem was, during this time, my husband and son were munching on a lot of S.A.D. bad food! Even though the smell was delicious, the food had been sitting out in the cold, with lots of people handling the utensils...if you know what I mean. I'm telling you this, cause it leads to another story later that night. Well, the party was over, so we headed back to the house.

When I got home I needed to eat, so I had my raw mock tuna on iceberg lettuce, a couple of dates, an apple, and a handful of almonds, and dates, and lots and lots of water. Later that night I made another batch of the Cacao Pistachio Florentine Mint Ice cream Cookies (I know I list it differently every time I mention it - sorry), which I ate lots of pistachios in the process. I then wrapped more presents, and watched television with my husband. My son did his usual of playing World of Warcraft, and City of Heroes. Everything was fine, until we all went to bed (which was very late...I mean late...) That's when it all changed.

My son was snoozing hard, which was good. But my husband ended up having the worst indigestion ever. The pain was so bad, it made him short of breath. Tums, Zantac, even Stevia tea, did not relieve the pain. Finally around 4:30am he was able to get some relief and fell asleep. Needless to say, Sunday left him in the restroom most of the day, to make up for the night before. He realized the culprit was the food he over-ate at the park. You see, he's been trying very hard to incorporate 50% raw or more, and keep it as healthy as possible for the remainder. Even though it's okay to slip once in a while (not really), he truly over did it. It was a good experience for me, cause it reminds me of how great I'm feeling, and how important it is to stay committed to this life style change no matter what.

Today my son and I slept in (well we all three slept in, including the cat, obviously)...I woke up around 10:30am and began reading my raw mails. I joined the new raw community called It's so exciting to see familiar faces, and meet new faces in the raw community. The site is newly launched, and is growing ever so quickly. In fact, I sent many emails to friends to invite them to the should to, if you're interested. It's a great site!

For breakfast I made my son and I a raw protein shake. I then took off for the mall to get my FREE pearl earrings from a new jewelry store. I'm giving them to my niece, since I can't wear posts. The earrings were actually very beautiful, and they are real (real small I also went and purchased a few stocking stuffers for my son's Christmas, and then headed out to Sprouts to buy some last minute groceries I forgot yesterday.

When I got home I ate some more raw mock tuna on iceberg lettuce, and then ate 1/2 of the ice cream cookie I made last night. I then decided to start painting some ornaments with my son. It was fun. We kind of have a family tradition that we always make a few ornaments each year. We listen to Christmas music on my computer and painted for about an hour. After that I read some more raw mails, and then started working a little more on our family Christmas letter. I need to get it out soon, since Christmas is just around the corner.

Anyway, I didn't really eat dinner. I had planned to make a smoothie, but I as still full. So, instead I ate a bunch of nuts, 1 1/2 bananas, an apple, and about 5 flax almond crackers - some with raw nutella spread, and some with raw almond butter. And of course, lots and lots of water. I then got the urge to make raw granola. So, I created a new recipe for it, called "Everything Goes Granola". It's in the dehydrator now, so I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now...I've said a mouth full! Have a great night, and a terrific week!

- Debbie

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