Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My raw Wednesday

Today was a much better day. Work was much more peaceful, and I didn't feel as blue as I have been. I ate my usual 6oz berry smoothie, and then a 24oz raw protein shake. I had nice conversations with friends and coworkers, and shared my raw creations by letting coworkers sample my lunch. For lunch I ate the raw mock tuna fish sandwiches that I made the night before, my apple, and 2 raw vegan bars, and lots of water.

When I got home, I exercised, concentrating on my arms and upper body. It was tough, since I've neglected this area for quite sometime. Afterwards my husband went with me grocery's been a while, but it was nice for him to go with me. I made him and my son dinner when we got back, and then made a "raw" nutella spread to go with the almond flax crackers I made last night. For dinner I ate one almond flax cracker with the raw nutella spread, 1/2 of a cacao Florentine pistachio mint raw ice cream sandwich, a banana, and lots of water. Oh, and two dates. I know, I haven't had any night-time juices or green smoothies this week. I've just been too busy, and don't feel like cleaning up any more than I have to, plus I just haven't been hungry enough or in the mood. Maybe tomorrow I'll start up again. Anyway, that's it for the day. I'm cutting it short. Plus my son just scared the living bajesus out of me by sneaking up behind me and grabbing my leg. It truly startled me. You see, I'm typing my blog in a dark room...LOL...

Well, that's it. I'm going to bed. Have a great night, and a great tomorrow!

See ya!

- Deb

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