Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday spirit

Yesterday and today were great days for me. I have been feeling very happy and in the holiday spirit. It was fun passing out little gifts to all my friend and co-workers, and wrapping presents for my family for our Christmas time coming up.

Yesterday I had a 6oz berry smoothie, a 16oz raw protein shake, a salad somewhat to the one I had the day before, but with more dehydrated veggies. I also ate a piece of freezer fudge, and the rest of my strawberry thumbprint cookies, a winter green smoothie (that I couldn't finish), and lots and lots of water.

Today we had a company Christmas luncheon, and did a white elephant gift exchange. It was a blast! I prepared a salad of baby lettuces, spinach, endive, and sliced raw almonds, with dehydrated tomatoes, napa cabbage, kale, and eggplant, and topped it with a raw berry citrus dressing. I also made a raw cranberry citrus relish, with orange zest, and freezer fudge rolled in coconut, and almonds, and some with raw cacao nibs. My co-workers enjoyed it too.

So besides the delicious salad, with relish, and of course the freezer fudge (2 pieces only), I had a 6oz berry smoothie in the morning, a red delicious apple, a bag (yes a bag) full of my raw corn chips I just made the day before (they were extremely yummy), and a banana and celery smoothie for dinner. Oh, and I snacked on about 4 organic dates. And yes, as always, lots and lots of water.

Well, it's getting pretty late, and I need to hit the sack. I plan to take my son shopping again, so he can finish his Christmas shopping. Then we are going to play Santa and deliver our gifts to our close friends. More to follow tomorrow.

Have a great evening, and a great weekend!

- Debbie

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