Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas, and playing catch-up with my blogging

So the last time I blogged was on the 21st...that means I owe input for the 22nd through today. Wow, that's a lot!

I think I'll start out with what I've eaten since the 21st. Okay then, here we go:

12/22/07 - Well, being the holidays and all, I didn't eat the best, but it was still all raw, with a few exceptions. I started out with a 12oz breakfast berry smooth, then I had about 4 dates, a banana, a rawvolution carob cashew bar (while shopping), and a small bowl of nuts which included raw sunflower seeds, raw pepitas, and raw almonds. I also drank lots of water. My down fall was the 2 ½ shots of butterscotch schnapps I drank while wrapping presents.

12/23/07 - For breakfast I just ate a banana, and some peppermint and orange spice tea. Then I took, my son with me to go to Whole Foods. We bought lots of goodies, including the three raw salads that I had for lunch. One salad had kale and cranberries, another salad had figs and cashews, and the other had sprouted seeds with a hint of curry (well it tasted that way). Then later I snacked on 2 monkey bars (trail mix, and carob brownie - very yummy). I also had a handful of raspberries and lots of water. I spent the rest of the day preparing food for Christmas Eve.

12/24/07 - Christmas Eve turned out fabulous. I made two salads. One salad had kale, red and yellow bell peppers, and dulse, all mixed with a little bit of cold press extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. The other salad was made up of mixed baby spring lettuces, including spinach, radicchio, and other leafy greens. I topped this salad off with dehydrated veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, napa cabbage and some red bell peppers. I also added sliced raw almonds, and baby portabello mushrooms and avocado slices. I made two types of dressings, mango and a basic oil and vinegar recipe from the Raw Food Coach site. Both very yummy. To add to the festive menu, I made a nut nog drink made from almonds, water and spices. This recipe I got from Frederick Patenaude. Then, for desert I created my own recipe for a raw chocolate chocolate cupcake with banana iced cream. It was truly delish and a big hit with the family! So, for what I actually ate, this is how it went.

I had a banana for breakfast, and 1/2 of a monkey bar, which unfortunately did not stay down. So you see, I couldn't eat until later in the day when we took our food over to my in-laws. When I got there is when I ate some of my salads, my nut nog, and I also ate some of the raw veggies that I brought for the family to snack on before dinner. This included cucumbers, carrots, celery and cauliflower. Then for desert I ate two of my cupcakes with the banana iced cream. The good news is the family all tasted my dishes, and enjoyed them quite a bit. The bad news is, I caved in and had 3 shots of the butterscotch schnapps with my hubby to celebrate. Oh well...overall I think I was a good girl. I did manage to drink a lot of water too. LOL...

On Christmas day, 12/25/07, I had the other half of my monkey bar from the day before. I also ate a banana. Then for lunch I had some of my kale salad, with apple slices and avocado. You see I got an apple corer, and avocado slicer from my son for Christmas, so I had to try it out. I also had another monkey bar later in the day, and then used my new travel size blender (that I also got from my son) to make a breakfast berry smoothie. Then for desert, later in the day, I had another cupcake with banana iced cream. Very yummy day. Oh, and of course, lots of water.

Today, 12/26/07, I had a 6oz berry smoothie, a 16oz raw protein shake, kale salad with avocado, and apple slices, a raw vegan bar, 2 raw cupcakes with banana iced cream - topped with raspberries, a banana, raw corn chips (hot of the dehydrator), and homemade raw guacamole...yum-yum! Oh, and I ate two dates too. That's it! That's enough! LOL.

Well, Christmas is now over, but it was truly a delight. Oh, and I also got my hair cut over the holiday weekend. It's very short, very different, but cute...I

Have a great evening! I'll write more soon!

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