Thursday, December 13, 2007

A feeling of faith and peace

Wednesday was a nice and productive day. I was able to complete work assignments with barely any stress, and feel good about myself. I listened to fun Christmas music on my computer while working, and basically kept focus and to myself. I did bring in some of my pistachio mint ice ream cookie to share with coworkers (there I go again, calling it something else - but close), and shared my experience about being raw, and the raw community I'm learning about. It was fun and peaceful. Later that evening my husband, his mother, my mother, and myself went to watch my son perform with his school band, and jazz band. It was wonderful, and they sounded so professional. My son had a short solo during jingle bell rock. It was great fun, and he sounds better and better on the saxophone! As I said before, the day was fun and peaceful. I felt so full of faith and content. It was great! It was also my sister's birthday. Even though I did not get to talk to her, I still felt like a part of me was with her celebrating. And I know she had a great time. She publicized it all over

For food yesterday, I ate 1/4 piece of my icecream cookie, 6oz berrie smoothie, raw granola with almond milk, some yerba mate tea sweetened with stevia, a celery and banana smoothie for dinner, and a couple of almonds and dates. At least I think I had

Today was another nice peaceful day. I started the day of with my 6oz berrie smoothie as usual, and had another glass of yerba mate tea sweetened with stevia. But this time I did something different with my raw granola with almond milk. I mixed a little raw cacao/carob milk with it too. Yum, yum. For lunch I met with some old friends at Applebee's (not my choice), and I ate a nice plate of spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red pepper, and sliced almonds. The funny thing about this was that it took them so long to serve, longer then my friends' dishes. They actually told me that the chef was having problems with my order. We laughed hard. I mean, seriously, what's to my dish anyway? None the less, it was nice to see friends, and the salad was pretty good. I drank a glass of water with a lemon wedge too. Later I snacked on an apple, and a mint Larbar (which are raw too, in case you didn't know). For dinner I just had celery sticks with raw almond butter, a couple of dates, and 1/4 piece of the ice cream sandwich again. I couldn't have a smoothie for dinner, cause I didn't have enough bananas. I'll be shopping tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. I need to wrap some more presents, make lunch for my kid to take to school tomorrow, and get in bed to go night-night. Hope all of you enjoy your evening, and have a wonderful, super, peaceful, fun, happy Friday! Good night.

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