Sunday, December 16, 2007

Breakdowns...and forgiveness

I just realized it's been since Thurdsay that I posted anything. I can barely remember what I ate on Friday or even yesterday. I'm so hung up on today because I kind of brokedown today. It was my son's birthday today, and I promised him for his birthday I would take him for sushi. This is something that we absolutely love doing together. The problem is, of course, I'm raw...not just raw, I'm a vegan raw foodist now for about 122 days. I wasn't too bad. I only had about 4 pieces of a variety of sushi rolls...some rice, and some tempura...most of it was raw vegtables, and fish. I did order a plate of sashimi (raw fish) which was okay with me too. At least the majority of it was raw. I just feel bad that I ate the little bit of tempura and rice that were in the rolls I ate. Also, I made my son an icecream cake...that's what he really wanted. And, I only ate 1 spoonful of it (cause I licked the serving spoon). So, I feel like I broke down today. But I know I shouldn't beat myself up about it, but it still bothers me a lot. I know I won't break down again, cause I only did it for my son, based on a promise I made to him earlier in the Fall (before the raw food change).

Well...I'm gonna go watch a movie. I'll write more later. I still owe my daily diet for Friday, Saturday, and the remainder of today.

Be back shortly.

- Debbie

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