Monday, November 5, 2007

Today's Daily Raw...November 5, 2007

Well today I had my usual 6oz smoothie, except I added organge juice and almonds to it...which my husband doesn't mind, but doesn't prefer. Then I had a tall glass of Stevia/Lapacho tea, and a Belgium Chocolate Vegan Raw Bar. Later I ate another vegan raw bar, the chocolate/coconut one. For lunch I ate 6 pieces of the dried eggplant, with my raw tomato sauce I made (with the persimmons in it), topped with cucumber, and yellow squash. I also ate 1 1/2 pieces carrot burger on lettuce, topped with avocado, and some of that yummy raw tomato sauce again.

I forgot my fruit today, so when I got home I ate 5 dates. Then I had my 12 oz. green feast juice.

I also drank lots and lots of water.

Tonight I'm making my own version of graham crackers, except it will be raw and made with almonds. It tastes really good in it's raw form right now. However, I need to wait for it to dehydrate. Then I will make some rawnutella to spread on it. I got the rawnutella recipe off of the website.

Well, that's all for now.

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