Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Daily Raw and Other Stuff

Well, I've been feeling quite good about myself lately, and it must show. Co-workers have told me this week how good I look, and that I must have lost a lot of weight, and that my hair and skin look nice. They know I've been committed to this new "raw" lifestyle, and now they can finally see some real results. What's funny is, in the beginning they teased me about my "rabbit food", but as time went on they started asking me all kinds of questions, and wanted to taste my raw treats (which they loved), and also wanting me to guide them to resources for their own discovery. One vegan co-worker was so interested, that she is now incorporating a more "raw" lifestyle. Her goal is to go completely raw within the next few weeks. Another co-worker and his wife have decided to incorporate a lot more raw into their diet, and have made the commitment to go vegetarian. Who knows, maybe within a short time, they too will become rawfoodist. It's very exciting to me, because I'm usually on my own when it comes to these types of lifestyle changes.

My family also has seen the great results, and are impressed by my commitment to this lifestyle change. I get more and more support from them every day. My son and my husband participate in eating a lot more of my raw delights, and have incorporated a higher percentage of raw into their already healthy organic diets. So they are not so S.A.D. any more, and are happy for the change.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm supposed to take my Mom home from the hospital. She is having necessary out-patient surgery. I plan to fix a delicious raw lunch for her to enjoy for her recovery. I feel it will make her feel better. I have told her a lot about the raw diet. She eats very healthfully already, and agrees she could do even better. You see, my mother suffers from Scleroderma (not sure of the spelling). She has lived with this chronic illness for over 25 years. Although she does have some permanent crippling damage from the illness, she has made such strides in taking care of her overall health that she looks great! Seriously, unless you analyze her closely, or knew her before, or know about her illness, you would be in awe by her beauty...and I'm not just saying that because she's my mother! So, if I can help her add more quality to her life, then I will...

I wrote before about my "raw" story. I mentioned my mother and my sister, and how we juggled different diet styles during the early years. What I forgot to tell you is during that time I was experimenting with vegetarianism, I didn't know what impact it was going to have on my younger sister - but it did. My sister actually became a dedicated vegetarian when she was around 17-18 years old. At that time the only flesh she had was fish. I don't know how extreme she is now, but I do know she has absolutely no refined sugar or flour, and has been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for over 10 years now. She is a certified yoga instructor, a model, a singer, artist and actress, and she is the mother of two beautiful boys. My sister is a knock out without makeup, and she has an awesome figure - all from her lifestyle choices! Plus, she lives in Hawaii (lucky gal)! When I told her about my lifestyle change, she was very happy for me, and new a lot about it. She told me about her many "raw" friends, and the big raw community there in Hawaii. It helped connect us to each other even more. Especially since we have a 14-year age difference...

Well, enough rambling for one evening. I need to catch up on what I have ate since yesterday. So, here it goes:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007: I had my usual 6oz smoothie, one 16oz raw protein shake, 2 vegan bars, 1 1/2 carrot burger, 6 pieces dehydrated eggplant rounds, raw tomato sauce from the day before, squash slices, cucumber slices, and avocado. Three raw almond Cinnamon crackers, 1 persimmons, a 12oz glass of my green feast juice, 5 dates, and lots of water.

Today, Wednesday, November 7, 2007: I had a 6oz smoothie, one 16oz raw protein shake, 3 vegan bars, 10 pieces dehydrated eggplant rounds, raw tomato sauce from the day before, squash slices, and cucumber slices. 5 raw almond Cinnamon crackers, 1 persimmons, a 12oz glass of my green feast juice, 4 dates, 1 small gala apple, and 2 tsp. raw almond butter, and lots of water.

Until tomorrow...have a wonderful evening. Peace!

- Debbie

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