Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Physical Progress and Changes

Since I started this lifestyle change back in August of this year, I have noticed considerable changes in the way I feel, think, and look. I decided to take a moment to post my current physical changes since I started. As you can see by the data below, in just a short time I have lost quite a few inches, as well as some weight. Although it's not tons of weight, I can tell you that you can see the difference in me based on my clothes fit, and how my face and neck looks. Also, I have been exercising all along now, for several years, and I have ate pretty healthfully within the S.A.D. lifestyle I "used" to live. That's why these changes to me are major! I can't wait to see how I progress as the year goes on. Just maybe, I'll post a real picture of me (before and after), instead of one of my character or portrait drawings...

Measurements as of 11/3/07:
Age 43
Height 5’ 4”
Weight 173 lbs.

Thighs – 24”
Hips – 41 ½”
Waist – 35”
Gut – 42”
Bust – 42 ½”
Chest – 40 ½”
Upper Arm – 13 ½”
Calf – 15”

Measurements as of 8/25/07:
Age 43
Height 5’ 4”
Weight 178-184lbs.

Thighs – 25 ½”
Hips – 46”
Waist – 40”
Gut – 44”
Bust – 49”
Chest – 45”
Upper Arm – 13 ½”
Calf – 15 ½”

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