Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My daily, 11/14/07

Well, yesterday I was able to go to work, even though my back is still healing. I made sure that I stayed off my feet, and continued to apply at least the cold press packs to my lower back.

I did manage to eat my morning 6oz smoothie, a 16oz raw protein shake, 3 (yes 3) raw vegan food bars, 1 apple, my mixed veggie salad for lunch, and one for dinner. Plus lots of water.

Today I had the 6oz smoothie for breakfast, a 16oz raw protein shake, 2 1/2 (yes 2 1/2) raw vegan food bars, 1 apple, 1 banana, and a veggie salad for dinner, with lots of water. Oh, and I also ate 6 dates.

Right now I'm suffering from the hiccups, so I need to go and take care of it! Till tomorrow! Good night and good day!

- Debbie

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