Monday, November 12, 2007

My Daily Raw and Other Stuff

Well yesterday was a very hard day. As I stated before in my previous blogs, I have a very bad back, that has been feeling healthy for quite some time, until recently. On Saturday I felt like my back was out of whack...but I still did my usual routine of shopping, riding the bike, etc.

So, yesterday morning when I woke up to use the restroom, I felt something pull. This made me cry. I slowly walked towards the sink to gain my balance before attempting to use the restroom, when all of a sudden I woke to my husband yelling at me to wake up, and lifting me towards the bed, and shaking me to come to. I had blacked out! It was so scary for my husband, my son, and myself. I had know idea that this had happened to me. He almost called 911, but when I came to, we both decided to wait.

For the rest of the day I laid in bed icing, and heating my lower back, taking pain meds, and having my son and husband wait on me, and making sure I did not do anything to worsen the injury. So I slept a lot. I barely remember what I ate yesterday. I believe I had a Vegan raw bar, a small veggie salad, a banana, a small glass of the berry breakfast smoothie that my son made for me, and lots of water.

Today, I stayed home from work to continue recovering from my back pains. I continued with the hot and cold compresses to the lower back, and getting lots of rest. Plus the pain pills make me very sleepy. My husband was home to help me get around the house when I needed to. I pretty much ate the same thing again today, with the exception that I did not eat a banana. I did have a raw flax/hemp granola bar...oh, and I kind of fell of the wagon for a moment. I ate about 2 T. of the roast pork I slow cooked for my family. I know...that was bad of me, but I couldn't help myself. It smelled so good, and I didn't have enough of my food prepared to control my hunger. My back gave out on me before I had a chance to do my usual Suday raw prep. No excuses I know. It won't happen again!

On another note, I don't know if I told you, but I lost another 3 pounds. I am now down to 170lbs. I am really happy about that! I still need to lose another 40 plus pounds. At least, my weight is well distributed, and I've lost lots of inches, and I exercise. I don't think I look that bad, even though I'm over weight. Or maybe, I'm just a legend in my own mind! Regardless, I feel good about the progress!

Tonight is the first time in the past two days I feel good enough to sit at my computer and type. I plan to go to work tomorrow. I just don't know if I will stay the whole day. It will all depend on the health of my back. My husband is going to help me bath tonight...that should be fun! LOL...

Well, that's it for now. Until next time. Have a great evening and a great tomorrow!

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