Friday, November 9, 2007

My Daily Raw...

Yesterday I picked my Mom up after her surgery and took her home. Because the procedure went so quickly, I did not get a chance to make her the raw meal I had planned. Maybe next time. The surgery seem to have gone well, and I feel that my Mom will make a fast recovery. We enjoyed our time together.

On my way home I stopped at Trader Joes, and the new Whole Foods Store, so I wouldn't have to go this weekend. I love shopping for fresh veggies and fruits. It's always a delight. I was disappointed though, they didn't have any fresh Persimmons, and I am really craving fresh Persimmons.

Unfortunately on my way home, my heater hoses in my car broke, and water leaked every where. I had to leave my car at the shop over night. This changed my evening quite a bit, since the car was just in the shop just a month ago. Anyway, I got to pick it up late this evening.

I usually exercise on Friday nights, but since I missed work yesterday, and then again today, my schedule is off. Instead I spent time working remotely from home, and reading up on anything to do with raw, nutrition, and health. I truly enjoyed myself. I will workout tomorrow morning. That way I still get my time in per week.

Well, now for the meals...

Starting with yesterday, Nov. 8, 2007. Please note, I didn't eat the best, since I was not home most of the day. I had 1 16-oz raw protein shake, 2 Vegan Belgium food bars (or maybe it was 3 - I can't remember), 1 12-oz glass of green feast juice, 3 almond crackers, 2 dates, and then I made myself a big bowl of mixed veggies that included portobellos, red bell pepper, edame beans, napa cabbage, celery, cucumber, red endive, white endive, micro herbs, cilantro, leeks, and watercress. I also mixed in sliced almonds, dulse seaweed, sesame seeds, dates, and bragg's amino acids. MMmmm good!

Today I had my homemade berry protein shake - about a 14-oz glass worth, another serving of my salad from yesterday, 1 12-oz glass of green feast juice, and about 8 almond crackers with rawtella spread that I just made today, from a recipe I found on It was mighty tasty! Oh, and I also ate 1 gala apple, and 2 fresh figs. And of course, I drank plenty of water both days. Did I also mention, I drank a cup of tea today that included loose leaf stevia, lepacho, primrose, and had an interesting taste, but hit the spot either way.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to bed. Till next time!

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