Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Daily Raw (continued)

Yesterday, Oct. 27th, I ate my usual breakfast smoothie, 6 dates, the remainder of my small bowl of mixed veggies from the day before, a Vegan Belgium chocolate bar, and two glasses of my green feast juice. However, for whatever reason, I was very hungry and ate 3 pieces of raw freezer fudge (i.e. agave nectar, carob powder, coconut oil, ground raw cacao nibs, cashews, and almonds) that I had just made, 1 piece of freshly made onion bread, a glass of yerba mate iced tea, and a small custard bowl of freshly made mango/papaya pudding (i.e. besides the fruit, macadamia nuts, dates, agave nectar, and water). Again, I don't know why I chose to ate so much, but I did.

So far today, Oct. 28th, I ate my breakfast smoothie, and about 4 pieces of the raw freezer fudge, and my usual water. I'm trying to maintain myself from overeating again. Tonight I plan to make zucchini hummus, some "pizza" sauce, and possibly raw veggie burgers for the week. And of course, more green feasting juice.

Well, by the end of this evening I ate an additional 1 piece of onion bread, some raw tomatoe pizza sauce on dried eggplant, with carrots and edame beans. I also had some mango/papaya pudding, and another piece of freezer fudge, and I finished the last of my green feast juice.

This week will start out as a challenge for me, since I will be in meetings for three days in which the lunch is being catered. Obviously I will not be eating what everyone else will be, I will have brought my own delicious raw food. More to follow.

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