Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vacation breakdown...

Well, I have to confess. I kind of, sort of, fell off the wagon over my vacation. The family and I went to California over Spring Break. We drove to Hollywood, and Universal Studios for my birthday (St. Patty’s day), and then drove down the coast to San Diego, to Ocean Beach for the remainder of the week – I love the beach!

I know I said in my previous blog that I planned to cheat a little while on vacation, which I don’t feel totally guilty about. I also said I wouldn’t eat any fried foods, or dairy, or chicken or beef – which I didn’t. The problem is, although I did plan, and did eat some of the seafood I desired, such as raw tuna, several pieces of sushi (on my birthday), some steamed lobster, shrimp, and grilled fish. I do feel like I may have over done it.

The good news is, I did drink my smoothies every day, and ate my raw treats and fresh fruit I brought with me, and drank lots of water. I also managed to write down my daily food intake every day. And, we did a lot of walking, hiking, and “running” around while on vacation. So, I did get exercise, even though I wasn’t officially “exercising”.

During the “Easter” weekend, I had another breakdown. I ate a couple of Lindt’s chocolates, because of Easter (that’s my excuse). I didn’t need to, but I did. They used to be my favorites, and they are my son’s favorites now. I had planned to make more of my raw chocolates, but didn’t have time or ingredients until after Easter, because we were on vacation.

So, now I feel somewhat depressed and guilt ridden, because now I can no longer say that I am 90%-100% raw. Yet, I only broke down for a total of 7 days. Should I feel guilty? Am I a fake? Do I have the right to call myself a “rawfoodist”? I still ate at least 50-75% raw while on vacation. Actually, it was all raw, except for the seafood…and the few chocolates. What do you think? I should probably do a complete detox program, and just cleanse the heck out of my system…but, right now I’m hungry for my smoothies, and daily raw food routine. I still haven’t had time this week to create any raw goodies, except for the smoothies. I think I need to do that first before I fully detox myself. It’s kind of a mental thing. I don’t know. I told myself I wasn’t going to beat myself up over this, yet I can’t help but obsess over the whole deal.

Well, regardless of what I did, or how I feel about it, or what others may think of it, I know in my heart I am still committed to this way of life. I haven’t “cheated” since, nor do I have a craving to again. As of this week I am over the need. I plan to work really hard from this point forward to keep my 90%-100% raw way of eating.

Well, that’s it for me tonight. I know I haven’t blogged in over 2 weeks, and that I still need to list my daily raw for the past 2 weeks too. I’ll have to do that later. It’s late, and I need to get to bed. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I’m still playing catch up at work, and in my personal life, because of my vacation.

I wish you all a fabulous evening, and a fabulous week!

Peace. :)

- Debbie

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