Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, we finally made it. Another year past, and another year started. I'm glad that 2007 is finally over, and that it ended with great things that have carried on into the new year. I have not made any "new year's resolutions" because I really don't believe in them. However, I can say that I am taking the opportunity to continue with all the good things that I have in my life for 2008, and to work on fixing those things that aren't so good as my goal for 2008.

Health wise, I have never felt so good, even with all my back problems. Since I have found the raw diet I have made major physical, mental, spiritual, and social changes in my life. And with time it will even be financial...less health related expenses, less groceries (processed), less supplements, and so forth. So it's all good!

Yesterday, December 31st, I started out with my usual 6oz berry smoothie, and then later a 16oz raw protein shake. I drank a small cup of yerba mate sweetened with stevia, and then made myself a banana smoothie with celery. I did this at work, believe it or not, cause I used the new travelling blender my son gave me for Christmas. It was great! I also ate 4 squares of a raw Fortina chocolate bar, and split my small serving of the raw brownie, with raw chocolate banana iced cream, and raw whipped topping. The other part of the serving went to a fellow coworker who has decided to make the transition to raw. I'm hoping she will enjoy her new venture, and join our groups soon.

When I got home I finished prepping my raw cheesecake, by topping it with fresh kiwi slices. I then made a mixed berry sauce to drizzle on top. I ate a slice for a late dessert, after I had my dinner smoothie. The smoothie consisted of bananas, an apple, a pear, and fresh kale, as well as one celery stalk, and water. It was very yummy. Oh, and of course, so was the slice of cheesecake. I almost forgot. I also had another small raw brownie, and two dates. I was hungry for sweets...

For New Year's Eve, we just stayed up late watching scary movies, and then watched the countdown on TV. Nothing too crazy, but still fun for my family.

New Year's day, today, we got up pretty late. I made myself a berry breakfast smoothie, and then later had a slice of the raw cheesecake with my son. He really like it! Then later I took a slice of the cheesecake with me to my mother-in-law's house. She loved it too! She said it was so amazing, and better then real cheesecake. Who knows, maybe she will consider eating all raw too. Either way, I'm glad they all enjoyed it. My husband plans to eat some later.

For lunch I made another green smoothie. This time it was made of bananas, blueberries, and celery, with water and a little raw protein. Very yummy! Oh, and I ate a couple of dates too.

Well, that's it for now. I'll have more to report later. Enjoy your day! Oh, and "Happy New Year!"

- Debbie

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