Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raw chocolate...addictions and affections

I know it's late, but I felt like sharing with you what fun I had today as it relates to my experiences with the raw food community -- even during a busy and stressful week at work. I recently have been obsessing over raw chocolate and how many raw chocolate bars there are on the market, and which ones I prefer. So, I decided to purchase a variety of well-known raw chocolates from around the globe.

I recently ordered one of each kind of chocolate that Shazzie ( has to offer, one of each kind that the Raw Chocolate Factory (featured on Raw Reform/Raw Success) has to offer, several from Kate "Magic" Wood, and several from gnosis. I even have the three chocolates from Righteously Raw, and Wild Bars. Some I've tried before, and some I haven't. I'm still waiting for a few to arrive before I do my ultimate taste test, and blog review on them. I'm excited - cause I loooooove chocolate - Raw Chocolate that is! :)

Yesterday I received my Shazzie chocolates...beautifully wrapped, and fragrant too! I but doubles of one flavor, so I ate it immediately -- oh my gosh! This was super super good!!! :) Shazzie's online store also provides the best customer service -- and they are across the ocean! Super nice!

Well, besides chocolate bars, I decided to make my very first purchase from One Lucky Duck. I ordered raw chocolate sauce, and raw chocolate chip cookies. Oh my gosh! This was such a special surprise for me! The box came with the cute duck label. Inside the box was my packing list folded, with a hand written "Thank you" and a smiley face. That was so special...but wait there's more. Then there was a cute sample piece of raw bar inside a little baggie with a pretty ribbon tie. This sample wash delish! But wait, there's more...then there was pretty pink tissue paper that lined the top of my products, which were also carefully wrapped. Once I got to the goodies I couldn't believe how beautiful that product packing is in real life! Well, I tried to refrain from eating my cookies, but I broke the package open immediately and ate was this ever so RAWSOME! I mean these were the best raw chocolate chip cookies ever - better than any baked cookies! And fresh, and just oh so yummo! I had to write them and let them know how pleased I was. So I did. Guess what, Sarma herself wrote me back within an hour or so and thanked me for the nice email. Wow! It was super -- really super terrific!!! :)

Well, I have to tell you the sauce is incredible too! I tried some tonight, and I ate two more cookies...gonna have to order more!!!

Oh, I also received my gnosis chocolates. Beautiful, and waiting for me to eat! But I have to be patient you know...I want them all at the same time...

Tonight was fun, cause Bunny (Raw Fu) had a Raw Fu Chat. Although I got on over an hour late, the short time I was on was fun! I got to briefly chat with lots of my Raw Fu friends! It was great! Hope we get to do this again real soon!

Well, I should probably go for now. I'll give you the links to the various sites mentioned tomorrow. I need to get to bed!

Peace! :)

- Debbie

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