Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New SweetLeaf Sweetener

I know it's been quite sometime since I've blogged, and I'm sorry. However, I have been involved in quite a lot of things lately, both personal and in my job, that I just haven't had the extra time to properly blog. I do want to take a moment though and tell everyone about the new and improved SweetLeaf Sweetener.

Wisdom Natural Brands of Gilbert, AZ, recently introduced their new and improved SweetLeaf Sweetener - which is the first Stevia Sweetener with GRAS Status (GRAS is an FDA designation of food safety). SweetLeaf Brands have the only Stevia product with all natural soluble fiber. SweetLeaf is zero calorie, zero carb, zero glycemic index, and safe for diabetics and PKU sufferers. And now that it has GRAS we will be able to find it (or ask for it) both in Mass and Natural grocery stores - which makes it much more convenient. I had to share this information, because I know a lot of people like Stevia, but are wary of brands.

Although this is not considered "Raw", it definitely should be included in the pantry along with Agave Nectar and Organic Grade B Maple Syrup. SweetLeaf is completely natural from plant, to harvest, and to its process which is done with only purified water. This is a new process that is completely free of any chemicals, solvents, alcohol or enzymes. That to me is pretty pure! I know some individuals prefer to grow their own, and that’s fine. SweetLeaf’s taste is definitely better than any Stevia I have ever tried.

Wisdom is starting out with 50-count and 100-count boxes, and will eventually convert all the Stevia products. If you want more information about SweetLeaf Sweetener, or the manufacturer, please visit The new website should be up and running with all the great info within the next couple of days so look for it. I'm all for the use of Stevia, as long as it's SweetLeaf. It makes a difference!

So check it out! I'll be back soon with more blogs, recipes, and just stuff!

Peace! :)

- Debbie

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