Sunday, January 20, 2008

My daily raw for Saturday and Sunday (01/19/08, 01/20/08, & 01/21/08)

This will be a quick blog again of just my daily raw, since I've been very busy with all my different projects. I have had a lot of catching up to do for the Internship program of Frederic Patenaude, and I've also have done some more raw uncooking. Anyway, I'll have more to write later this week. Now for the daily raw:

Saturday, 1/19/08: (I went to Whole Foods and got some great raw snacks...almond vanilla snack balls...very yummy, and local).
16oz raw body shake
date and cashew bar
spicy nut cheese pasta
2 bananas
3 dates
handful of nuts
lots and lots of water
3-4 almond vanilla snack balls

Sunday, 1/20/08: (I never left the house today. I tried to take it easy since my sciatica has been very bothersome, and causing me a lot of pain. I did manage to make a bunch of corn chips and almond cookies that are all in the dehydrator for tomorrow night.)
1smart monkey pecan pie bar
tall glass of berry breakfast shake
tall glass of berry breakfast smoothie
3 bananas
1 apple
5 pieces carob brownie
Don's carrot soup (from sunny raw kitchen)
almond vanilla snack balls
3 dates
lots and lots of water

Today was an exceptionally tough day for me. Although I was in good spirits, I was in a lot of pain due to my sciatica, and I only had 5 hours sleep. Plus, I had to install software and updates on about 20 computers at my company - which took me from about 7:30am till about 4:30pm. I never stopped for lunch or breaks, I just grabbed the smart monkey bar, and almond and coconut balls, plus a banana, and lots of water...not the best thing to eat and work this way, but I had to get the job done.

So, tonight I made my one mango smoothie, and some corn chips, and kicked back on the couch and watched Medium with my husband. After this blog, I'm headed for the bed! Here's what I ate today...

Monday, 1/21/08:
6oz berry smoothie
24oz raw body shake
24oz mango, parsley, romaine lettuce smoothie
4 dates
3 almond butter nut cookies (my new recipe)
5 corn chips (still dehydrating...)
1 smart monkey carob bar
2 almond vanilla snack balls
1 raw vegan cacao and coconut bar
handful of raw almonds
lots and lots and lots of water
1 banana

Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to write more about the things I'm doing, and the new recipes I've been trying and making...till then, have a great night, and a great tomorrow! I'm going to bed! :)



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