Thursday, January 24, 2008

My daily raw and more

Well, to start off with, I should list my daily raw intake for the past three days.

Tuesday, 1/22/08, I ate...
6oz berry smoothie
24oz raw body shake
12oz banana and romaine lettuce smoothie
2 bowls raw tomato soup (yum, yum)
3-4 handfuls raw corn chips (dipped in my soup)
2 handfuls nuts
1 gala apple
5 carob brownies (very good)
and lots and lots of water

Wednesday, 1/23/08, I ate...
6oz berry smoothie
24oz raw body shake
12oz mango, parsley, and romaine lettuce smoothie
2 handfuls mixed nuts
5 dates
3 carob brownies
1 apple
1 banana
handful of raw coconut meat
1 smart monkey bar
1 raw vegan bar
1 cup raw coconut water
2 1/2 raw almond butter nut cookies
lots and lots and lots of water
(I was in a lot of pain more than usual. Since I had to take pain meds, and because I didn't eat enough, I was a little nauseous for a while. I have to learn to eat more calories when I'm going through this "pain" issue).

Today, Thursday, 1/24/08
6oz berry smoothie
24oz raw body shake
12oz raw green juice feast (tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, parsley, apple, and water)
2 carob brownies
1/2 cup raw cacao, coconut, macadamia nut iced cream
1 smart monkey carob bar
5 raw veggie rolls (cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, celery, parsley, red bell pepper, mushrooms, sesame seeds, avocado, nama shoyu, sea salt, raw nori sheets)
1 banana
3 dates
handful raw almonds
lots and lots and lots of water

Well that puts me up to date with my daily raw. Now for today's update on me...

I'm still dealing with my chronic pain, and looking forward to making arrangements with the chiropractor, and seeing my doctor. Fortunately, my friend at work is a masseuse, and has been giving me massages to work the painful areas during our breaks at work. I'm grateful for that.

Today I tried to take it easy at work, and at home. The only thing I pushed was making my veggie rolls...which were delicious! I was inspired once again by another recipe found at the sunny raw kitchen site. Carmella has great stuff!

Anyway, tomorrow I plan to make my girlfriend some carob brownies. She is allergic to cacao, but likes sweet things. I'm trying to help convert her to least vegan...then hopefully, maybe raw. She and her daughter are already vegetarian, and trying to make changes in their diet. I know she's looking forward to the brownies. She's always interested in trying my goodies -- as most of my friends and co-workers
I also plan to finish up my graphics art assignment over the weekend. No need to drag it out any longer. Then if time permits, I'll try to catch up on my participation in the internship program. Other than that, I need to just do what I can, and not try to do it all at the same time. Well, I think I'll turn in for tonight. I'll have more tomorrow. It's Friday you know!

Have a great night, and a great tomorrow!

ttfn - Debbie :)

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